Met Office tide and weather in once place

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Met Office tide and weather in once place

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I know we all have our favourite weather sites, and since the revamped it a year of so back I've tended to use the met office on the principle that they probably spend more money on their data and forecast models than others and they seemed to be more reliable that others I had tried. You can also save up to five locations links.

One new feature introduced a little while ago that is great for me at least is they now include tide data as well as weather forecast on the same page. See the links below:
Portland: ... 1392336000
WSM: ... 1392336000

However, one warning is that you need to make sure you are looking at a beach site. When they first introduced this option on the beta site the WSM town page I had logged didn't have the tide info, but changing it to the beach above now provides this info.

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