Ianovated Wetsuits Update

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Ianovated Wetsuits Update

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Hi everyone

Hopefully you will not simply view this thread as spam on the basis that I am not an established brand and I have completely solved the problems of cold hands and aching arms while the brands have been blindly selling you very expensive wetsuits with useless gloves/mittens.

This is where the Ianovated product development has got to-

Confirmed- A total solution, not just another partial relief
The Ianovated suit and mitten sales of the last two winters are evenly distributed across the northern states of Europe and America, but not in established brand quantities!!. It is 100% confirmed that this breath powered hand heating/clear grip system is a total solution to cold hands and aching arms all the way down to the sea freezing, the only variable is how often you have to blow into it.

The Ianovated totally clear grip mittens
The aching arms are caused by glove material disturbing the grip on the boom, it makes you grip too hard and that makes the arms get tired and ache. Last year I told you that breath heating facilitated a bare hand grip on the boom and that I had managed to eliminate the material between the fingers and the boom as well as the palm. These new mittens came out too late for last winter but have been put to the full test this last month. Many of you kindly emailed me to confirm that they-
1. keep your hands warm
2. do deliver the totally clear grip
3. but stay covering the hand and form a spray and draft proof seal over the hand around the boom
4. and do not cause any arm aches at all
I have noted that some of you are having to put an extra strap over the wrist section of the hand cover because not all wrist seal/breath tube set ups are compatible with the standard velcro catch on the mitten. I will eliminate this need to improvise with later versions. Mean while thank you for letting me know you are thrilled with this clear grip / no aching arms development.

New Ianovated Video - Just as amateur
To reflect the Ianovated wetsuit system is now as much about eliminating aching arms as it is about keeping the hands warm I have revised the video, it is every bit as amateur as the last one!

Established limits of the breath heating / clear grip systems.
A very talented windsurfer known as Freestyle4975 on the Boards forum explained his use of the Ianovated suit and mittens to be as follows. He is known to sail in minus 10°C!
In waves or in slalom he is using the suit with the Ianovated clear grip mittens because there is time to blow the boom warm underneath the hands.
However for freestyle he is only using the Ianovated mittens in 5°C or above. In 4°C and below he switches to feeding the Ianovated suit tubes inside Dakine closed mittens because the boom itself is too cold and he is never holding it in one place for long enough to blow it warm.

If you have any questions please email me.

Thank you for your kind attention and support

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