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Email link button on postings

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There is a way of having your email address available on each of your posts to the forums, should you want this. Rather than actually display your email address (which would be bad for privacy & likely to be picked up by spam bots), the forum software can place an "email" button at the bottom of each of your posts. Your actual email address is never revealed on the forum. When the button is clicked, the phpBB software accesses it's database & pulls your email address from there when someone wants to email you. Your message is then sent direct to the recipient's email address.

A Private Message - sent using a "pm" button, causes an email to be sent to the recipient, advising them that there's a message waiting for them on the forum, and provides a hyperlink to that msg. The actual msg itself doesn't get sent via any external email.

If you click the "Profile" link/icon near the top of any page within the forum, you'll be taken to a page showing your personal settings.

Scroll down to the "Preferences" section. Set "Always show my e-mail address:" to "Yes". Hey presto, the email button will then appear in all your posts.


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