Sat 16 July

Tell us all about what kind of day/ weekend/holiday you had.

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Sat 16 July

Post by Sue »

Very pleasant little outing to Axbridge in the end, today :D . Arrived about 1.15pm to quite a breeze, which kept gusting to white horses with various cloud fronts, then dropping off again! So lots of dithering on kit size - sail 6.5 or 5.5; board 105 or 85 :-? .

The clouds started to clear, so eventually decided on the 5.5 hoping the wind would kick in properly and steady off. Started on the 5.5 and 105, but soon gave up on the 105, being total overpowered/ run away with in the middle of the lake. 5.5 and 85 were a better combination - however there were huge gusts and huge lulls, so I did not have many complete planing runs right across the lake. The wind steadied a little towards 5.00pm, by which time it was time to come off the water :roll: (.. there's somebody's law on that!).

The Axbridge wind machine was reading 17 - 19 knts at the end of the day - this shows it up to 30kts (!):

Overall, an unexpected and pleasant session, and only 7 windsurfers out. However think I was spoilt by the Portland trip conditions last weekend.

Good chat over coffee sat in the sun at the end of the day - Nomad Martin H was also there, having some speedy runs across the lake.

Sue :D
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Post by Matt »

Had a great session yesterday pm at Newton on 5.7/96L Kombat in the sunshine on the incoming tide. Arrived a bit late at 3ish to find J&L out on the water plus a handful of others. Justin going for it with loop attempts off the waves on the way out provided further entertainment. Sailed till 6ish when the water was well up the beach leaving only a short walk to the slipway and there was still reasonable wind on the inside. :D
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Post by Loz »

Had fun on the 5m/80l. Bit too windy out the back for me so stayed on the inside where there was plenty of cross shore wind and some unavoidable ramps :shock: .
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