Sat 30th June

Tell us all about what kind of day/ weekend/holiday you had.

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Sat 30th June

Post by Loz »

Great day at Portland. Sunshine and wind all day.
Lots of other Nomads including Sue, Ian, Mark and Greg.
Started on 5.7 and 96l then it got windier so changed to 80l. Steady wind in the morning and perfect depth of water. Got overpowered later in the afternoon when it got even windier.
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Post by Sue »

Yes, a fab day out in the warm sunshine, and plenty of wind 8) :D 8).

Wind was quite SW in the morning and far more consistent than when W in direction. Started on my 5.5 and 105, and immediately switched to the 85 litre. Had a brill morning session, fully powered and lots of gybe practise.

After a lunch break, had another session on the 5.5 before feeling so tired it was either finish or rerig - so I went for the 4.7 option and a final session on that. I was well powered at the far end of the bay, but underpowered towards the boat yard (by this stage the wind was more W and gusty).

A few other Nomads around too ... Chris and Gerry, and Simon. Not too many on the water in the morning, but much busier early afternoon onwards.

Top marks of the day to Mark, who attempted a duck gybe at full speed, whilst sailing past the Boatyard beach on a beam reach! It amused the spectators :lol:

Beautiful evening - finally left about 7.15pm. A top day out, and fun Nomadic company :D :D

Sue :D
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Post by Matt »

A couple of WSM sessions for me....

Friday was very good session in a southerly. Approaching the beach I could see several windsurfers out which made a nice change from seeing kites first. Parked up next to Ambrosia's van, spoke to few regulars and the word was it was a bit gusty with 5.5-6.5 being used. Dithered a bit then went 6.5 on Kombat, as this combo had worked quite well for me in southerlys before.

Launched at high tide (3pm) so pretty bumpy and physical hitting the waves head on but it was fun and less gusty than expected, so I was well powered up on the 6.5. After 20 minutes I bust the old harness line that I'd put on after last Sunday so I swapped it for another, which was quite a bit shorter but worked OK. Then carried on and got quite into it, so by the end with the calmer sea state I was continually blasting in and out with some decent dry gybes, especially on the inside. Packed up at 5pm when the tide was starting to drop back quickly and I was knackered.

Back to WSM again on Saturday, forecast slightly dodgy but didn't want a long drive to Portland. Arrived around 2.30 (HT ~4.15), more kites out and a few boards that looked to be going OK. More onshore than expected too after yesterday's southerly. Closer inspection showed wind only around 15knots with lulls, so went big (7.3/112L) after a bit of chat with Ambrosia and dithering. Nomad Phil appeared too. By the time I'd rigged it had dropped further so did some more chatting. Wind eventually appeared and we had a very good 20minutes verging on overpowered with waves too. Then it dropped again and I had a short 'walk of slight embarrassment' to the accompaniment of thumping music from T4 soundchecks. The dark showery clouds that had been lingering over Brean then came in, so I went to hide from the rain in the van. At that point Justin turned up, so I converted the van into café mode and we had bit of a catch up including some feedback on El Medano. That shower had done the trick though as the sky cleared and the wind came back properly this time. I didn't have time to re-rig as I was on a deadline so I piled on the downhaul and had a very good hour on the dropping tide. Justin and co were still going strong in the sunshine as I drove away around 6.30ish.

So I've had my ration this weekend. :D :D
Should've been here yesterday.
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Keith S
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Post by Keith S »

Good day at Axbridge although you had to be patient. The wind was coming and going.
7m on JP 130 (as usual). Sometimes a gentle breeze, sometimes overpowered.
A few showers coming through which brought some strong gusts, then killed the wind. Then had to wait a while for it to come back again. Repeat.

Other Nomads present - Ian Fitzgerald and Martin Heath.
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