Sat 1st Portland

Tell us all about what kind of day/ weekend/holiday you had.

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had a lesson
had a lesson
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Sat 1st Portland

Post by Gren »

Wind as forecast and plenty of water this week. 5.75m sail and 125l Fanatic, just right for the conditions and my ability. A few lulls but not enough to be a real problem. Lots of flat water blasting with gybes at each end - no complete carve jobs this time. Managed to stay out longer this week so must be improving. Forecast for even windier tomorrow so have to give it a miss as I'll still be recovering from todays session.


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Mark Gregory
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carve gyber
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Re: Sat 1st Portland

Post by Mark Gregory »

Made a last minute decision to go to Portland, as it’s looking good outside.
Time I packed, got myself sorted and drove to Portland I was there for 1pm, just in time for lunch 8)
After lunch, doing a rekkie and looking at the conditions, it looked breezy, but people were struggling to get going near the shore and it look like people were opting for big kit. I was told it was windier out the back.

I rigged my 7m Tush Thunderbird and using my trusty Mistral Synco 103L board.

Water started and I’m off going out on a port tack, slightly overpowered, I should have heeded the warning, but hey I’ll live with it. It didn’t take me long to get to the marina harbour, went for a gybe and got ¾ the way round before I’m thrown into the soup!!
Coming back on the starboard tack I was very comfortable and the power felt right – Nice.
Plenty of people to blast and race with and not so many kiters around – bonus :roll: :D
The weather was great, the water still warm and I stayed out for 3 hours, coming in for the odd rest, water refreshment and to check the time.
All in all a good day and I’m glad I made the trip.

PS If I know you were down there Gren, I would have come and said hello. I need to check the forum, before I make a last minute decision to see who’s out.
Welcome to the Surf

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