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BWNC windsurfing session diaries

Do you want to keep track of when & where you sailed, what the conditions were like and what kit you used?

Once upon a time, a software developing nomad bravely & courageously wrote a database-driven application using perl scripts for use on our website. Unfortunately, it never really worked 100%, and - with subsequent updates to the software on our host system and no spare time to keep implementing fixes - it fell into complete disrepair.

However, I've now (July 2011) arranged an alternative with the kind help of Al Cole: Al runs a website many of us are already familiar with -, and has written a session diary application on there. Al is perfectly happy for us (and all your friends) to use those diaries on his website. As Al's system works so well, there's no point in trying to revamp our own.

You'll need to register on forces-of-nature before you can start using the diaries. Then, you'll need to spend a few minutes creating your own "toybox" - effectively entering the kit you use. Then when you record a session, you just select the kit used from your own toybox.

You can see all your sessions, and you can read about other people's sessions, too. Al has a "stoke factor" score, so you can see how stoked you are compared to others.

And it's not just for windsurfing - Al has configured it to support many different activities.

The diaries are located here.

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