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Wind and Water at Weston

Wind Data Entry Page

Do you windsurf at Weston? Or visit the beach to fly your kite, walk the dog etc?

If so we would love to hear from you.

We have recently fitted a weather station at Weston, the data is uploaded to this website frequently and is free for anyone to access. We know that the wind on the beach is different to the wind at our weather station, we'd like to know by how much so that we can correct the website to give readings as seen on the beach.

That's where you come in

What we need from you is information .... just Date, Time, Windspeed and Wind direction from your visit to the beach

We can compare the info with our weather station info to see how far out we are

Please fill out the boxes below:

Date:                           Time:         hours   minutes

Wind Direction:                       Units (knots, mph etc):

Wind Speed:    

any additional notes and/or messages?

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