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4/8/2020: I'm most of the way through updating every single location report to fix the broken "update details" links and change the technology driving some of the information. Should be done in the next day or two.

15/7/2020: Just discovered that none of the weather forecast pages from WindGuru are working anymore. Something else to fix.

10/7/2020: After many years of neglect, I've started to get around to updating some of the things that had stopped working due to a number of changes in the PHP scripting language and database interfaces. The Wind Strength Converter is now working again. Whoopee! Watch this space for more to follow, but don't hold your breath.

Keith & Brian Moon Beach '09

Brian having a little rest on the front of Keith's board

Bristol Nomads Windsurfing Club is a nomadic club based loosely around the Bristol (UK) area, where our emphasis has been on recreational windsurfing for over 20 years. our stamping ground is pretty much around the South West of England and West Wales, with occasional overseas trips thrown-in for good measure. we welcome all ages & abilities. when the wind doesn't blow, or if it's too cold to sail, you'll find a number of us resorting to our alternative passion of flinging mountain bikes around muddy hillsides.

take a good look around our site, our locations & our forums & feel free to join in.

this site is lovingly maintained by Martin Farrimond.

should you happen to come across any broken links or anything else on the site that doesn't work, or have any suggestions, comments, feedback, etc, please contact us here.

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