Still Woods

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Still Woods

Post by NigelP »

OK Guys and Gals, why have we never been to Still Woods when it is on our doorstep? 8) 8) 8)

Wind non existent in Vass, but mountain biking OK. Trails are very sketchy and I was lucky not to lose a few teeth this morning. :oops:

I am keen to try Still Woods, but have an op booked on my shoulder when I return, so I assume I will have to behave myself for a couple of weeks.

Enjoy :D
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steve powell
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Post by steve powell »


Went there last night. Amazing.

Its an area on the side of the hill above Long Ashton. Easy to get there from Ashton Court....go out of the gate left onto the road at the quarry. Down the hill and over the x roards. A little further down on the right is a metal gate you have to climb over and a small track and you're there.

There are an overwhelming number of tracks, jumps, berms...all levels.
The only downside is having to ride/push back up after every ride down.

I will learn to carve! (and jump)
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