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steve powell
wave rider
wave rider
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Post by steve powell »

In a moment of madness (read alcaholic clarity) I decided to ask the club where the next AGM should be held. So as a step in this direction please indicate below a score for the last one (1 bad - 10 good).


PS Huw they serve lager!
PPS Martin, how do you work this voting thingy?
I will learn to carve! (and jump)
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Keith S
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wave rider
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Post by Keith S »

Excellent for AGM. 10/10

Enough seats.
Near Portishead ( very biased )
Lovely pint of orange juice and lemonade :???:

But the gaps between the skittles were a bit big.
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surf god
surf god
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Post by dro »

good to hear about the lager and the projector(is that a local beer?)
Not certain about location
I was told it was just south of Cardiff which seems very convenient for me
but I have this niggle in the back of my mind that there is something in the way
Not to worry I am sure it is just an old man's mind at work

So pack my bag ,leap on the Martin reject (still going strong) and a quick pedal south should see me there.Nice gentle evening ride

What do you mean not ENOUGH wind ?
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