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Windsurfing in the South West

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 18:48
by Michael
Hello All,

Just registered to this forum. Really cool to find a forum like this, great work!

Before asking my question some amusing background to introduce myself.
I grew up and lived in Sardinia and started windsurfing at 13. As a real beach bum that meant surfing on average 3 times a week for at least 6 years up to the point of being instructor and all that.. Pretty good life ha!?

However after studying uni here in the UK (which still gave me plenty of opportunities to go back home during my 6 months holiday) I have hit the real working life by finding a full time job here. I am now 23.

I thought everything would be ok but after a year with NO WINDSURFING I am starting to go a little crazy! My body muscles are non existent and I am scared of touching a board again. Also a little too many beers have given me a slower reaction time :D

Anyhow I would like to start windsurfing again and I was doing some research and would really like to join a club such as this one. However windsurfing in the UK would probably mean quite an expense for me so before starting anything I wanted to ask a few questions:

On average how often do you have 17+ knots (good windsurfing conditions) with either flat water or wave around the Bristol area per week?

I currently live in Bath (could potentially move to Bristol). How long does it take to get to the closest spot from the Bristol city center?

And finally, I am used to somewhat hot waters. Is windsurfing all year round feasible or simply madness? :P

Thank you all!

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 12:33
by Adrian

A lot of us sail all year round but many say we are mad :twisted:

Nearest spot is Weston super Mare but you can only sail max 3 hours either side of high tide so you have to look at wind + tide to get your number of days. I can only sail weekends so only get out at weston about once a month. Weston has a fantastic sandy beach but muddy brown water as it is an estuary. Great bump and jump sailing on a good day and always a good crowd.

Axbridge is inland flat sailing for members only - some nomads who are members can help I expect.

Weston is 24 miles from Bristol so about 40 minutes.

Other top spots are Portland and Poole for flat water or you can sail on lumps on the sea.

Have fun


Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 17:09
by Michael
Thanks for all the info Adrian!

I will wait and see if anyone else has something more to add.
I am just asking because I would probably have to get a car to start windsurfing here so I need to be sure its worth it (even if I would consider windsurfing always worth it!)