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Post by MartinF »

dro wrote:5.7 sail has a 2 "straight tear at base near mast tube
is it possible to repair it diy and what should I use?
(perhaps discussion not over after all !!!!)
Without seeing it, I'd have to say "it depends".
Does the tear cross any seams?
Is the tear in the luff tube itself?
Is the tear in the monofilm or in the dacron/terylene/other edging (if any)?

If the tear has gone into the monofilm lower panel/window, then really, that panel should be professionally replaced (about £25-£45 depending on a number of things!). You can use monofilm or other waterproof tape - on both sides of the tear as a temp/semi-permanent repair.

If the tear's not gone into the monofilm (unlikely if it's a modern sail) then it could be taped & stitched. Still not convinced you should try this yourself - Sail makers/repairers will have all manner of colours of tape to suit most sails, so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

Have a word with yor local dealer (not sure where you live so can't advise). Here in Bristol, most folk tend to use Bristol Sails for repairs - especially as he give discounts for Nomad members!
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Post by dro »

hwre hwre chat starts again !!!!

tear in see thru portion only
I live near Carmarthen so trip to Bristol it seems on cards
not end of world cos I have a pasport and son in Uni there
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