bristolnomads email & how to setup

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bristolnomads email & how to setup

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Bristol Nomads windsurfing club provides free email for any club member who'd like it. The email address would be of the form...

If you are a club member & you'd like to have your own bristolnomads email address, simply request it by clicking the email button at the bottom of this message, saying what you'd like as the anynameyoulike bit (eg: joe.doe or joed or joe_d, etc). You'll also need to provide me with either or both of a phone number or existing email address so I can provide you with your new email account details.

Your email account is limited to 3Mby size. This enables you to send/receive the odd photo and other large file, but not to save/accumulate them in your webmail account

To access your email using the webmail interface which is accessible from any computer, anywhere - as long as you remember your email address and password - simply type or paste the url: into your browser.

You'll then be prompted for your username & password. Your username is your full email address (eg:

You can then choose which of the 3 webmail applications you prefer to use.

Email clients/POP mailboxes (this is the prefered method)
We provide not only webmail which would allow you to read your email from anywhere, but we also provide full POP3 email boxes which would allow you to download your email to your own email application (eg: Outlook Express; Outlook; Eudora, etc).

If you want to use your own email application/client on your own computer, there's an excellent tutorial on how to set up your email client application on the SimplyBeHosted website right here. It makes far more sense for you to follow that than for me to reinvent the wheel by writing it all out again.

Here's what you'll need to enter into your emailer (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc)...

email address:
Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP):
Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:
Account Name:
password: your chosen password. Same as your webmail password. (if you've forgotten it, email me & I'll reset it for you).

If you've gone through this and are having problems getting it to work , then contact me via the email button below.
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