Boards for sale/give away

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Boards for sale/give away

Post by willgibbs »

I have four windsurf boards of between 85litres and 104litres to give away.

They are fairly old, but in good condition. I have advertised them on gumtree for £10 each, but will happily give them away. It just seems a shame to throw them away. I found that when learning, it didn't really matter which board I was on, as long as its roughly the right volume for me.

If anyone knows anyone who would take them please put them in touch with me ;)

Here are the links for the boards on gumtree: ... 1346171154 ... 1346171623 ... 1346171924 ... 1346172588

Drop me a text on 07535 527 137

Many thanks, Bill.
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