End of Quantocks era? :-(

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End of Quantocks era? :-(

Post by MartinF »

Just picked this off Singletrack forum...

PSA, Quantocks bad news
Author: sharki
Date: 22/09/07 23:58

Stella's is to be no more.

Today she came out to break the news to me, she's had a cash offer and all going well will be gone by the end of october.

It's not a done deal yet but the moment the property is signed over trade there will cease.

The buyer will NOT be keeping it as a tearoom.

I'm thinking of leaving a book there, so we can all leave personal messages over the next few weeks.

Stella is expecting a very busy final month there, as many customers want to have one last cake/coffee/BLT, etc before she goes.

So please be prepared for no seats, long waits and even some tears.

This will be a great loss for us locals and the visiting mtb'rs, who enjoy a mid ride feast there.

I've inquired at the Plough inn(Holford) and they will do their best to be able to provide food and drink for us mtb'rs, at the moment it's only sarnies, crisps or hot meals, but once Stella's has finally gone they'll be hoping to do cream teas.

Not all bad though, there's still miles of twisting singletrack, hidden trails and many watersplshes to enjoy, and think how much easier it'll be, climbing back out without the extra cake ladden ballast you would normally be carrying.

It's an ill wind that never blows at all.
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Post by NigelP »

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Post by RaV »

Oh no! :'-(
We will have to try arrange a final visit to Stella's before it closes.
Will check the diary and post something in the rides section soon.......
Al Donald
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Post by Al Donald »

I was hoping you might say that!! Thanks!
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Post by dro »

Oh Quantocks !!!!!
What do you mean not ENOUGH wind ?
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