new body

Looking for a bit to replace that broken/worn out/stolen wotsit...

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new body

Post by dro »

had last one for app 60 yrs and beginning to show its age
some areas showing signs of wear with flexibility affected
some cracks and tears showing
but not letting in water rather the opposite in fact
have tried w.d. 40 and araldyte with little effect
skeletal structure creaking and would like a hight extension but none available
footing also not secure but new deluxe slippers seem to be working well
the old red sail like outer clothing allowing the sudden gusts to escape but the smell seems to linger longer these days!

ah well try and make do with what I've got at least its cheaper than replacing

Happy old year


PS off to phokia soon to play with uncle Graham
What do you mean not ENOUGH wind ?
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Re: new body

Post by Graham_U »

don't use all the wind in the first week Huw, save some for us late comers. If you find a good supplier for new bodies let me know, mines a few years younger but several bits need replacement.
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