Mast foot for F2 Comet

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Mast foot for F2 Comet

Post by spinout »

Hi all,

Posting this on behalf of friend...

Hiya all

I've just been given an old f2 Comet board (it also says "pro-line" on it). The track has a socket to take a mast foot that's somewhat fatter than mine (mine fits an even older f2 Lightning from 1979).

Can anybody please tell me what fitting name/size the Comet uses, and/or where I may be able to get a mast foot to fit it?

Can anyone help - I'm guessing that most nomads have a stash of old gear in the shed?

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Mastfoot for F2 Comet

Post by DudleyB »

Hi Carl,
I have an F2 Comet but there is no reference no on any part of the mastfoot - just Made in Austria.
At one time Windsurfing Worcester had large stocks of old board spares
but I think they have changed their name and concentrate more now on
If you want to see exactly what my fitting is I am sure we can arrange a meeting.
Best Regards
Dudley Brown
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