JP Freestyle wave

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Simon H
had a lesson
had a lesson
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JP Freestyle wave

Post by Simon H »

Hi all,
Has anyone tried or own a JP freestyle wave? I am thinking of buying an FSW 85 and would like to hear your views. I have been windsurfing since 1986 and most of my sailing is fully cammed slalom sailing but I would like an all round board for force 4 - 5 for coastal sailing (slalom boards don't like choppy south coast venues!).
In particular, if you have sailed a JP FSW, does it sail like a big waveboard or is it a lazy freeride that resents any pressure on the fin when blasting? I am hoping it's a good bump n jump board for a typical Lepe 4-5 Bft day? Boards mag. seem to rave about it.
If not, guess I'm looking for a wave board...
Thanks for your responses and see you all on the water soon.

(E = Weymouth x SW force 5) squared where E = 40 knots
Al Donald
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surf god
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Post by Al Donald »

Hi Simon H,
I've never tried that board, but I would say the FSW would be a better all-rounder than a wave board. For somewhere like Lepe a wave board would be too slow unless it was really blowing.
My options are JP F/style 105l, or F2 Axxis 93l or F2 wave 85l. I usually find one or other is about right for most conditions. The trick is being on the right one at the right time!
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