4th July - Portland

Tell us all about what kind of day/ weekend/holiday you had.

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4th July - Portland

Post by gerrys »

Chris and I made it down to Portland and had one of those classic days. Plenty of wind and sunshine. I have to admit I was on a 7.5 and Chris a 6.5, but there were plenty of occasions when we should have changed down, but we were enjoying ourselves too much!

The boat yard was very busy, but at 12:00 there were still spaces to be had, even if you had to park on top of sunbathers, picnic goers to do so!..... (Yes in carpark spaces!)

The tide was very favourable as well, plenty of water all day. This was our first time on the water since last year and we managed about 3 hours on the water. Well knackered by the time we got home.

Sorry to say we didn't meet any other NOMADS, but sorry if we missed you.
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Post by MartinF »

Tony & I went to Newton beach, where we met up with Sue.

Wind was doing it's usual trick of waiting 'till you'd rigged, then changing a couple of wind strengths. In the end, 6.2m on 100l board was about as right as anything (for me, anyway). Some big'ish swells, with plenty of chop lent a touch of interest for what was the 1st sail of the year for me (& Tony).

Sue was out with 5.5m on 85l board.
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Post by Sue »


Had a good day at Newton yesterday with Martin, Tony (Nomad) and Tony (non Nomad).

I wimped out and was on a 4.7 and my 85 litre as the wind had kicked in a notch whilst I was rigging, but then dropped back by the time I had got my ar*e into gear!. I was slightly underpowered and had to work it a bit to get going at times, but I prefer it that way anyway. Really enjoyed the lumpy bits.

Fortunately there wasn't v much rain, and the sun came out at the end of the day. Before leaving I walked along the beach/across the rocks to check out Trecco. I also checked out the main beaches in the centre of Porthcawl on my drive home, as I got lost on leaving the beach!

Went up to Axbridge on Sat. Out on a 6.5 and 105, which seemed v slow and unexciting. Nice to be out in the sun though.

Hope to get out at WSM at some stage this week. Anyone else planning a trip there?

Pleased you had a good day too at Portland, Chris and Gerry.


Oh yes, found Kelvin's cafe and loo! Thanks Kelvin.
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Post by NeilB »

I set off for Portland, but around Bristol I felt the car lose some power and a warning lamp started flashing on the dash. So I turned around and drove slowly home. It is some sort of engine management warning, perhaps an injector problem. The car is booked into the garage tomorrow. I was very grumpy for the rest of the day.

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