8 April - sunny WSM

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8 April - sunny WSM

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Lovely sail for me this afternoon at WSM - out in the sunshine, well-behaved waves, and on my 4.7 / 74 Acid combo. 8)

This was my first sail of the year, and it has been ages since I last sailed at WSM, as I didn't sail there at all last year due to my shoulder issues.

I was rather rusty with loading the car and rigging up. I decided on the 4.7 (well, I was going to go 4.2, but Simon suggested the 4.7 would be better) - but started rigging with the wrong mast! Then something appeared wrong with the sail, as the extension did not seem long enough - and I then realised I had pulled out the 5.5 by mistake( somehow it had swapped places with the 4.7 over the winter and had taken up residence in the 4.7 sail bag!). Then I put my boom on upside down .... doh! :roll: :lol:

Anyway, I was out on the water by 2.45pm (an hour after high tide), and had about an hour in total before I was too tired to continue. My windsurf muscles are going to need a lot of building up, and gybing skills refreshing!!

There were lots of kiters there initially, and quite a few of the regular windsurfers.

Overall, a good session to get going again ... and surprisingly not at all cold. But then I did have everything on, including the hoodie :lol: 8) 8) 8)
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