End yr score 2009

Tell us all about what kind of day/ weekend/holiday you had.

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End yr score 2009

Post by kelvin »

its a bit early for the end year stats but looking at the forcast thats IT for this year so heres the figs and i,ll update a written bit later .
posting 2008 for your comparison .
Theres a bit of a gap for me with the feb/march off injured so no dought nobby got a few extra in [;)]


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Ian Long
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surf god
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Post by Ian Long »

think I can probably beat you on the number of dog walks, however my total year's windsurfing stats look similar to your "Wed" stats - I must try harder.

Struggling to remember what my MTB looks like - let alone what windsurfing boards I have :-(
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water starter
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Post by AlistairJ »

There's no way I can compete with any of that :oops:

Still though just recently I have thought about logging all of my sessions, not just for what/where/when but also to keep a check on the total hours used on each piece of equipment, down to which boom, fin, mast base I've used and so on. Just useful information to refer to when for example I break another boom, if its had over 1000 hours use then I can use this as a benchmark and also it would help me replace old items before they break.
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Post by Adrian »

Without so much detail and the pretty charts. As expected way behind Kelvin :cry:

Jan to March nil, Apr 1,May 1, June, 3, July 3, Aug 2, Sep 13, Oct 3, Nov 6, Dec 1 Total 33. Never used a sail bigger than 6.0 and only 2 on over 100l hitting my JP 105.

A good spread of beaches
La Mourne 13
Avon Beach 4
Newton 3
Overcombe, Waveney Island, And WSM twice each
Rhosneigr, Beadnell, Hill Head, Branksome, Hayling, Trecco and Sanbanks - once

Also had my fist 6 kite sessions and 39 MTB rides again with a good spread of trails

Ridgeway 12
Biddestone 3
Afan - 2 Demo rides + Walll/Penhydd
Ashton Court/Leigh Woods - 2
Swinley - 2
Mendips - 2
C-Y-B Tawr/MBR and Beast
Exmoor Explorer
7 Staines - Newcastleton Black/Red, Newcastleton/Keilder
Innerleithen Red
Glentress Black plus spooky wood add on!

Must try harder :twisted:

Upset I missed a final session at WSM yesterday but hey ho

See you on the water next year :?:

Or at a trail centre soon

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chop hopper
chop hopper
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Post by Liddlerich »

2009 wasn't too bad. In brief:
Jan and Feb - nowt
Mar - 5 days at Rhosneiger
April - 5 days on Tiree, 1 at Weston SM
May - 2 days at Saunton Sands
June - 1 day Calshot, 1 day Bednell and 1 day Budle Bay
July - 2 days Fleet Bay (SW Scotland), 5 days Dahab
Aug - 3 days Fleet Bay
Sep - 1 day Weston SM, 1 days Hayling Is
Oct - 5 days Tiree
Nov - 1 day Thorney Is, 2 days Weston SM
Dec - too cold

Think that makes 36. Most common sails size 4.4m to 5.8m although a couple of sessions on Tiree were on a 3.6m.

2010 has started OK. 5 days in the Philippines on sub 6m.

Here's to trying to top it this year (once the weather warms up).

See you on the water.
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