Monday evening's ride round Ashton Court

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Ian Long
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Monday evening's ride round Ashton Court

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Given the amount of rain in the last 24 hours, this evenings trip was always going to be muddy, however as it turned out, it wasn't that bad.

The areas in Lea Woods was drier than the previous time we went there, however everywhere was very slippery which added a whole new dimension to crossing tree roots etc, making the route far more technical than previous runs.

The first run up from the Quarry into the heart of Ashton Court was slower and far more slippery than previously. The second trip was faster as riders got used to sliding off the roots etc and acustomed to the lack of light under the trees - its a well known saying that what you can't see, can't harm you. The saying is almost true, at least you can't tense up about the things you can't see, so they usually pass underneath you without too many problems - although there were exceptions.

All in all, a cracking ride but it was noticable that the nights are drawing in. Due to the preparations for the balloon festival, we weren't allowed to take cars into Ashton Court - instead we had to park outside the Angel, :D , such a shame.

Carl, Neroli and Ian braved the showers and mud to make the ride. No wild dismounts to report although all riders managed to get into challenging positions!
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Post by MartinF »

Sorry I missed it. It's just as well my trip to Marlborough was worth it or I *would* have been pi*$ed!

steve powell
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Apologies for bailing out at the last minute.

Post by steve powell »

At least Viv got the Portland write-up done. - V&S
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