Saturday 25th September - Rowberrow

Ok - Windsurfing it isn't. This is the mountain bikers splinter group for when the wind don't blow!

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steve powell
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Saturday 25th September - Rowberrow

Post by steve powell »

Pain, anguish and heavy breathing will be had in great abundance starting from the Swan at Rowberrow, 10:30am

Current participants are Steve, Viv, Ian, Martin and Al.

All welcome (bring courage!)

I will learn to carve! (and jump)
Al Donald
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Post by Al Donald »

Towards the end of a fantastic ride through Rowberrow woods and on top of Mendip (although very wet), I rode over an innocuous looking small log which broke and got caught up in the rear mech, BIG TIME, resulting in the mech hanger part of the frame being severely bent and the mech sticking up and out at a crazy angle. :cry: (A photo may appear on this site soon). Unable to continue riding, I jogged/freewheeled the rest of the way back.
That was the bad news, the good is that after 2 1/4 hours of wielding hex wrenches, spanners, hammer, file, screwdriver and pliers, the trusty Marin lives to ride another day! :D Managed to bend the frame back into shape using a big adjustable spanner although the treaded hole to attach the mech was pretty mangled, but eventually got it working again. I even salvaged the mech although the geometry is not quite as it used to be, as I had to pull through some more cable to get the mech to move to the lower gears. But anyway it's all working again, and I'm very relieved as it could have cost me a new frame!
Lesson learned: don't ride over small logs!
Riders were: Ian, Viv Steve, Carl, Martin, Al.
Thanks to Ian for leading the ride. Must do that one again, hopefully in dry weather next time!
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Ian Long
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Post by Ian Long »

Well done - I really thought that was probably it for your frame, so could have been a very expensive day.

While washing down my bike I realised one of the links in my brand new chain was completely siezed - I could hardly move it by hand, so I think I have probably discovered the cause of most of my problems today (although my bottom bracket is now beginning to sound very sorry for itself). The chain is joined by a power link, so I can't even be accused of having knackered the link while fitting the chain. Alas my multi-tool fell out of my saddle bag during the ride :cry: & since I lost be chain rivet extractor up in the Lakes, I am not sure how I am going to fix the chain at the moment.

Great ride though - it just bought home to me how much more riding I am going to have around Rowberrow & Dolebury Warren before I will know all the routes round them - shame :D
If found, please return to the pub.
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Post by MartinF »

Hey Al, Congrats on unbending the drop out. Like Ian, I was thinking it looked like new frame time , or at best , a new welded dropout (if poss?)

I guess I came off very lightly today - no damage & no falls. Mustn't have been trying hard enough :wink:

Despite the thorough soakng, the only time I felt cold was cycling along the road back towards Churchill.

Echoed thanks to Ian for leading the way - especially to the Swan!! Great ride.
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